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  • ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN for sale Online

    Ortho Tri-Cyclen┬ápresents itself the consolidated prophylactic executor of the three-stage activity for the applying internal with low substance of gestagen and estrogen. Preventative impact is tied up with different components. The gestagenic part is progestin and the estrogenic hormone is ethinyl estradiol. Persecuting the creation of follicle-empowering and cell-invigorating hormones the readiness keeps the ovum’s aging in the follicle and ovulation, furthermore cyclical changes in the endometrium disregarding its implantation capacity for all intents and purpose doesn’t obstruct the cyclic feminine cycle like drain’s appearance. The most far reaching dose of the cure is Ortho Tricyclen 0.05/0.03mg 6 stripes. The medicant jam the high consistency of the cervical bodily fluid (hampers the spermatozoons’ hit to the womb’s hole). Close by with preventative impact under the standard utilizing the drug standardizes the menstrual cycle and elevates to the anticipation of some female issue’s advancement including the harms of tumor nature. To purchase Ortho Tricyclen online now in physicist’s shop requesting the planning by Internet.

    Exchange names: Ortho Tricyclen.

    Brand name: Mononessa, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, Trizistone, Tri-Previfem, Tri-Sprintec, Trinessa.

    quantity : 1 stripe / 0.05mg/0.03mg - 3 stripe / 0.05mg/0.03mg - 6 stripe / 0.05mg/0.03mg